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HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND - Two-in-one, rotary eroding and grinding machine

Available either with a belt-driven spindle for max. 6 electrodes/grinding wheels or with a motor spindle for max. 3 electrodes/grinding wheels. Made to measure for frequently changing tools or for large series. This tailoring to customer requirements shows how productive the HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND can be. Over a wide range of materials, it is the benchmark for the quality of finish and for precision.

Grinding of HSS/carbide tools and rotary eroding of CBN/PCD tools, switching as you wish, is the particular strength of the HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND system within the HELITRONIC family. Tool diameters from 3 to 320 (400) mm, tool lengths up to 350 mm, each item can weigh up to 50 kg.
Mechanical axes

X axis 460 mm
Y axis 320 mm
Z axis 660 mm
Rapid traverse speed X, Y, Z     max. 15 m/min
C axis ± 200 °
A axis
Linear resolution 0,0001 mm
Radial resolution 0,0001 °
Grinding spindle drive

Max. grinding wheel diameter     200 mm
Grinding spindle speed 0 – 10,500 rpm

Weight of machine including coolant system     approx. 4,600 kg
Power consumption at 400 V/50 Hz   approx. 25 kVA
Control FANUC
See our HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND brochure for more Information !
Loading systems

Eco loader/Eco loader plus
Disc loader
Pallet loader/HSK loader
Profiled blade loader
Chain loader 300plus
Robot loader


Electrode/grinding wheel changer
Frequency controlled pump 80 – 120 l/min at 7 – 20 bar
Motor spindle 24 kW peak power with one end
High frequency spindle
750 rpm torque motor
Heli Contour Check HCC
Automated work table

See our HELITRONIC POWER DIAMOND brochure for more Information !