Surface & Profile




Optical CNC measuring machines for non-contact tool measurement

HELICHECK PRECISION und HELICHECK ADVANCED can measure complex geometries of rotation-symmetrical tools with a reproducible accuracy of 1.5 μ. Fully automated, contact-free, wear-free and precise. Both machines offer added value with the measurement of production goods like grinding wheels and diamond dressing rolls.

X axis       270 mm
Y axis 455 mm
Z axis 325 mm
A axis 360 °


Back light camera     50x
optional 100x
Front light camera 100x
Face camera 100x

Connected load at 230 V/50 Hz 1,5 kVA
Net weight (without options)         approx. 1,200 kg
Mehr Informationen finden Sie in unserer HELICHECK ADVANCED Broschüre !

Optical system: back light camera with 100 x magnification
Work stations (monitor, keyboard are included in the scope of supply of the machines)
Change spindle
Precision opposite tip holder
Illuminated table for flat tools such as indexable inserts, profile tools, etc.
Interfaces to HELITRONIC grinding machines: Wheel Data Connect, Tool Measure Interface and other interfaces upon request.