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4-axes CNC measuring machine for non-contact complete measurement of precision tools, grinding wheels, rotationally-symmetrical workpieces and flat workpieces

The different geometries are measured reliably, thanks to optimum stability and maximum measuring accuracy. E1=1.4µm±L/300 (as per VDI/VDE 2617) The measuring results are obtained quickly, with high precision, close to production, operator-independently, intuitively and for a diverse application range, with a high degree of flexibility.
Technical Data
Base                                   Solid granite base
Connected load at 230 V/50 Hz: 2 kVA
Pneumatic supply: Min. 6 bar
Weight: Approx. 2,500 kg

Optical system
Three permanently installed CCDcameras: Transmitted light camera (silhouette camera), front light camera, top light camera
LED segment light: For top light and front light

Light bars from side and background (door) Additional LED
Length deviation E1-Value: E1 = (1.4 + L/300 mm) µm
Repeatability: ≤ 1µm
Position resolution for linear axes X, Y, Z: 0.004 µm
Position resolution rotation   axis A: < 0.00036 degrees
Measuring resolution values: 0.25 µm

Transmitted light camera: 50x
Front light camera: 200x
Top light camera: 200x

Standard software included in delivery: Quick-Check Modular including Quick-Check Order Management
Easy Check
Team Viewer (remote maintenance)
Tool Data
Max. diameter: 200 mm
Diameter (calliper gauge principle): 150 mm
Max. length: 300 mm
Max. weight:                                           25 kg

Light Table
Modular Adaptor Spindle
Cutting-Edge Rounding Sensor CER
Special Lighting and Diffuser
Centre To Centre Holder
Digital Measuring Probe
Analogue Measuring Probe
Preparation for Teach-In Mode Programming Place
Teach-In Mode Programming Place
Interface to Helitronic grinding machines: Wheel Data Connect; further interfaces on request