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Helitronic ToolStudio

HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO - The easy way to the tool

"Helitronic Tool Studio" is a so-called CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software package for creating a wide variety of tool types. If configured as a CAD/CAM system, it is possible to create the tool on the PC - and the product can be produced on a WALTER Helitronic grinding machine using the same software. On the Helitronic series, the software offers virtually unlimited flexibility, combined with very simple operation.

"Helitronic Tool Studio" can generate a wide variety of tool types with the aid of input assistance, the so-called "wizard". Drills, cutters, step tools, forming tools, broaches or rotary cutters can be easily created with just a few geometry data. The missing data are completed by a stored database of knowledge. The 3D Live Simulation on the screen enables an exact representation of the grinding result. Whenever a parameter is changed in the "Helitronic Tool Studio" interface, the 3D simulation is also changed automatically.

"Helitronic Tool Studio" combines flexibility and productivity in one software solution. It also includes the following options: Click&Edit, Scaling, Profile Editor, Individual & Variable, grinding wheel suggestions, different chip space types and much more…

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