Surface & Profile




Software - Measuring technology software perfectly coordinated with the measuring machines in the Helicheck series

The measuring technology software ist the intelligence developed by WALTER for all Helicheck CNC measuring machines. Developed in collaboration with world leading tool manufacturers, this software forms the basis for all crucial work steps in practical measuring technology and additional software packages, or options. All crucial parameters are provided, from organisation, precise measuring process, clear documentation through to data transfer to the production machine. Practical requirements and user-friendliness are optimised by the balance of standards and programming options. All software packages are characterised by excellent graphic representations and operator prompting.

Quick Check Modular - Standard flexible, intelligent WALTER software Quick

Check Grinding Wheels - Perfect grinding results

TEACH-IN-MODE - Extension of inspection tasks

EASY CHECK - Innovative tool measuring technology with fully automatic profile detection

Viascan - Precise contour recording

Viafit - Nominal/actual comparison for quick profile inspection

DXF-Generator - DXF of an unknown contour

Form Tool Compensation (FTC) - Correction software