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COMPACT LINE - Progressive grinding technology! Compact, quick and high-precision.

The COMPACT LINE is a grinding machine which enables high-precision manufacture from hard metal, cermet, ceramic or extremely hard PCB/PCD, as well as regrinding of all indexable inserts. With its unique 5-axes CNC kinematics, 6-axes robot from FANUC, "three in one" dressing unit and cutting-edge technologies, the COMPACT LINE promises to deliver.

An advantageous investment for your success:

■  Shorter time (cycle and auxiliary time) means more productivity. 
■  Narrowest tolerance with cost-effective production. 
■  Compact design. 
■  Perfect grinding wheel thanks to "three in one " grinding unit. (Dressing-Regeneration-Crushing) 
■  Important autonomous multiple shift operation thanks to 6-axes robot from FANUC. 
■  Ergonomic operation. 
■  Integrated robot system sets new standards in the narrowest space."

X-axis, transverse adjustment mm:           450
Y-axis, height adjustment mm:                         180
Z-axis, infeed stroke mm:                         150
Axis resolution mm:                                 0,0001
B-axis, swivelling range degrees:         ∞
Axis resolution degrees:                         0,0001
Grinding spindle drive kW:                         5,5
Speed variable rpm:                                 -10000
Grinding wheel diameter max. mm:         250
Inclined axis, degrees:                                 -15... +25
The COMPACT LINE 5-axes CNC tool grinding machine is suitable for grinding indexable inserts comprising hard metal, cermet, ceramic, PCB and PCD.