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LASER LINE PRECISION - All-in-one laser precision machining of diamond tools

The LASER LINE PRECISION is the perfect machine for getting started with laser technology for modern tool manufacturers. The latest fibre laser technology in the green-wavelength range provides efficient machining results in the commercially available diamond cutting materials, such as CBN, PCD and CVD-D. The EWAG Laser Touch Machining® Process can be used to achieve very complex geometries with excellent surface quality. The LASER LINE PRECISION is the most compact laser production center for diamond tools in the world.

The LASER LINE PRECISION replaces previous methods for grinding and eroding ultra-hard materials, such as PCD and CVD-D, through the use of lasers. It holds rotationally symmetrical tools of up to 200 mm diameter and up to 250 mm length as well as indexable inserts from 3 mm inscribed diameter and up to 50 mm circumscribed diameter.
Mechanical axes

X axis 440 mm
Y axis 140 mm
Z axis 170 mm
Rapid motion     15 m/min     
B axis ± 100 °
A axis          
Laser source

Industrial short-pulse fibre laser   20 W / 50 W
Wave length 532 nm
Repetition rate 10 – 600 kHz
Pulse duration   1,5 ns     

Power consumption at 400 V/50 Hz     approx. 11 kVA
Weight incl. robot cell approx. 4,000 kg
See our LASER LINE PRECISION brochure for more information. !
Water reverse-flow cooling unit
Automation with FANUC robot
HSK 63 rack
Pallets for rotating tools
Pallets for indexable inserts
Pallet changers
Customised clamping solutions
See our LASER LINE PRECISION brochure for more information !